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The BC Dairy Association actively funds research and education projects. Our objective is to facilitate, encourage and financially support projects and programs that have been identified by the BCDA to benefit the BC dairy industry.


The Dairy Industry Research & Education Committee (DIREC) of the BCDA will evaluate your application based on the following criteria:

  1. The application must clearly demonstrate that the project’s objective(s) and anticipated results will address the funding priorities as identified above.
  2. The applicant has completed all questions and followed the stated procedure for submitting an application to the BCDA. All other sources of funding and in-kind contributions are clearly noted with supporting documentation with respect to funding source(s), amount(s), and condition(s) attached to providing funding.
  3. The applicant has provided a detailed work plan that establishes dates and times for stated deliverables
  4. The applicant has provided a clear communications plan on how results will be shared with the BC dairy industry.
  5. Eligible expenses include: contracted goods and services, materials and supplies, incremental labour and related costs such as travel, rent or lease of facilities and equipment. No more than 10% of funding can be allocated for administration.
  6. The BCDA may fund capital costs in extraordinary circumstances. Applicants are requested to provide full justification if applying for funding to cover capital costs.
  7. Ineligible expenses include: normal costs to establish and operate a commercial or not-for-profit operation, and costs incurred before the project has been approved.

Project application deadlines are: September 30th and March 31st of each year. Funding applications may be submitted to:


DIREC will sponsor industry related educational events with funding up to $2,500.  The applicable application form can be found below.  Deadlines are flexible and adjudicated on an as-needed basis.  Simply fill out and submit to:


Dairy Industry Research and Education Committee Scholarship Terms of Reference

The British Columbia Dairy Association’s Dairy Industry Research and Education Committee (DIREC) offers up to FOUR scholarship awards ($2,500/year each) to students studying agriculture or related subjects including animal or food science, sustainability, business management, marketing, animal health and welfare, et cetera, at any accredited post-secondary institution.

Funding Objectives

To facilitate, encourage, and financially support individuals whose educational studies, projects, and programs that have been identified by the BC Dairy Association (BCDA) to benefit the BC Dairy Industry.

DIREC’s Funding Priorities include BC dairy industry sustainability, productivity, profitability, animal health and welfare, technological innovation, youth and industry development.

Funding Criteria:

DIREC invites applications from students who have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary academic education and whose home address is in BC for a minimum of one year at the time of application (Gradschool programs also qualify).  Eligible expenses include tuition, materials and supplies required for the applicant’s period of study.

The following criteria will be evaluated. The applicant is asked to provide:

  1. An Education Plan (500 words maximum) that explains how their education will be applicable to the BC Dairy Industry upon completion, why they have an interest in this area of study, and an outline of the intended date of completion of the academic program.
  2. A list of relevant work experience, particularly related to the dairy industry (farming, allied industries, milk processing and marketing, et cetera).
  3. An official transcript from an accredited academic institution, which indicates the satisfactory completion of Year One credits in a diploma or degree program.
  4. At least one professional or academic reference letter from an individual who knows and describes the applicant’s skills, work ethic, and personal attributes.

Application deadline: September 30th and March 31st of each year.

Application Procedure: Submit a completed DIREC Scholarship Application to

Please direct all questions to:

FAX:  604.294.8199

 BC Dairy Association
 3236 Beta Avenue
 Burnaby, BC  V5G-4K4

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