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The urban-rural divide is a physical and educational barrier that confines the agricultural learning opportunities for youth in BC to specific farming regions. Children who grow up in an urban setting rarely witness food production first hand, and as a result the urban population has become increasingly disconnected from their food. There is a need to get agricultural information out to people at urban centers in a fun, interactive and informative way and the new Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is the way to go about delivering information about the dairy industry in BC.

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is a fifth wheel trailer that has been modified to fit a milking jar, a set of pumps, and room to transport two cows and one calf. The MDCE travels to events and schools in BC and delivers milking demonstrations using a real, live cow. During demonstrations, a presenter describes the process of producing milk, talks about the dairy system and allows the audience to engage in discussion and questions, while a facilitator demonstrates the milking process.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience website. With the click of a button teachers and event coordinators can request a dairy classroom visit, find dairy related sources and watch a video on the dairy classroom. The website is complete with an active calendar that indicates when the classroom is available for a visit.  

Requests for visits have been pouring in from all over the province and we have received lots of positive feedback from teachers, event coordinators and audience members. Next year will be a very busy year for the classroom crew so keep an eye out for us at a school or event near you.


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