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Find the right running shoes for your feet

Are your running shoes the right pair for you? We have probably all heard some different terms thrown around such as “over and underpronating” or “flat feet” but never really bothered to learn more on the subject. There are several different foot types and it is important to learn your type, especially if you are a runner. Determining the right shoe can make all the difference and decide whether you have a good or bad experience on your next run. In order to find out your foot type, you need to do what is called “the paper bag test”. Don’t worry, it is as simple and easy as it sounds. All you need to do is wet the bottoms of both of your feet and stand normally on a brown paper bag. After about a minute, you can move off the bag and take a look at your foot’s imprint.

The 3 main foot types are illustrated here and will help you in deciphering your own foot type.

 A chart that illustrates various foot types

Three Foot Types

1. Normal Arch

This is ideally, where you would like to be as it says that your feet distribute the weight and pressure most evenly and correctly. There is a distinctive, visible curve along the inside of your foot connecting the heel and toe.

What running shoe?

Choose a stability running shoe with a semi-curved shape. This type of shoe will be a good balance of cushioned support while not overly-constricting the natural motion of your foot.

2. High Arch

High arches mean that the outside of the heel hits the ground first and does not transfer any of the impact inward. The outside of the foot takes the brunt of the impact and may cause pain or injury.

What running shoe?

Choose a cushioned shoe with a curved shape. This type of shoe will allow your foot to roll inward and essentially absorb the shock. A curved shape will naturally encourage your foot to have a more evenly, balanced stance. 

3. Flat Arch (flat foot)

A flat foot means that a large area of the bottom of your feet come in contact with the ground when you walk or run. This also means that you are likely to roll too far inward which can lead to injuries if not wearing a shoe to correct this.

What running shoe?

Choose a motion-control shoe with a straight shape. This will prevent your foot from rolling too far and will provide more, much needed, structure to your motion. This is a more rigid, controlled style of shoe.

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