How often are dairy cows in BC milked?

Cows are milked daily, two to three times a day, depending on the farm. They like consistency and enjoy a schedule.

How much are dairy farmers in BC subsidized by the government?

With a supply-managed system in place, Canadian dairy farmers’ milk revenue comes from the marketplace without the need for government subsidies.

How much do dairy farmers get paid per litre of milk?

The price Canadian consumers pay for a glass of milk covers the actual cost to produce it. In fact, when comparing prices in restaurants versus the retail price of milk, it is important to understand that several factors contribute to these numbers such as transportation costs, processing fees, and retail distribution.

How big are dairy farms in BC?

BC is home to about 470 dairy farms that are family-owned and operated. The average farm has 145 milking cows and fields nearby that grow crops such as grass and corn. Some dairy farms also grow other local food staples, such as vegetables or berries.

Do dairy farms in BC feed cows palm products?

While most of a dairy cow’s diet consists of grass and corn grown by the farmer, or from other local farms, most dairy farmers supplement this with a mix of grains, vitamins, and other supplements to ensure cows are getting all the nutrients and energy they need. Palm products are a long-standing feed supplement for dairy cows, approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.