Ice Cream Five Different Ways

Looking for a spin on ice cream in a cone or bowl?

How about these suggestions? Serve ice cream:

  1. As a fruit topping: use a frozen peach half, hollowed orange half, or half of a melon or papaya, or even a hollowed pineapple half for a larger crowd.
  2. With a Mexican flair: butter a small flour tortilla and sprinkle it with cinnamon, mold it in a bowl and toast it in the oven until crisp. Let it cool then fill it with ice cream.
  3. In a crêpe: Fill pre-made crêpes with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and sliced banana or strawberry, drizzle with Kahlua or chocolate sauce and dust with icing sugar.
  4. With apples sautéed in butter and brown sugar, and a sprinkle of chopped toasted pecans.
  5. As an ice cream soda: Combine fruit juice and sparkling water (or use sparkling fruit juice) and add a scoop of ice cream. Serve in a chilled tall glass with a straw, of course.

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Adapted from Dairy Farmers of Canada

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