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Meet BC Dairy Farmer: Kristin Dahl

Kristin’s passion is working one-on-one with animals. Find out more about her and her farm, Dahlia Holsteins, here.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a dairy farmer?

Around the age of 16 I decided to pursue a degree in agriculture focused on animal science, with the goal of working in the industry and hopefully one day managing a farm.

What family members are involved with your operation, and what are their responsibilities?

My parents who still live on their farm help me when I need it.  My mom will check the cows during the day when I’m working off the farm, and my dad is Mr Fix-It and also helps me put up silage.

What are you most proud of on your farm?

The thing I am most proud of is my herd producing quality milk since day 1.

What’s your favourite dairy product?

Too many to list! I love soft cheeses like camembert and brie.  I won’t turn down any type of chocolate/fudgy ice cream either.

If you could dairy farm anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Beautiful BC, with our moderate climate, productive farm land, and stable supply managed dairy industry really can’t be beat when considering the whole package.

Do you name your cows? If so, what is your favourite/most unique name for a cow? 

Yes, all my cows have registered names, and they traditionally start with the same letter as their dam’s name.  A couple unique ones are Barclay Randall Mazda, named by my friend following her trip to my farm in the back seat of my Mazda 6.  Another is Dahlia Control I-Patch, a cute white faced calf, who has black markings around both eyes.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell people about dairy farming?

I wish I could tell people that dairy farming is a way of life and not something people jump into or out of very quickly. Dairy farming is a 365 day/year commitment.  

What has changed most about dairy farming since your family started? 

Technological advancements in dairy production since my parents began milking 25 years ago are tremendous.  We can now milk cows with robots, auto-steer tractors with GPS systems, monitor cow rumination, their level of activity, and their temperature, all wirelessly.  We can also analyze milk samples in real time.  

How long has this farm been in your family?

This farm has been in our family for 37 years. 

Kristin Dahl

Kristin Dahl, Dahlia Holsteins

Abbotsford, BC

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