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Experimenting with milk alternatives because you think they are -


More natural?

Lower in calories?

Check out the real facts!

Infographic for Milk Alternatives Campaign-Experimenting with Milk Alternatives

We are exploring how milk compares with alternative beverages like almond, rice and soy. We’ll address topics like the concerns about Hormones & Antibiotics in Milk, Calories & Fat in Milk and Milk for Adults.

True or False: Should Adults Drink Milk?

Are There Hormones and Antibiotics in Canadian Milk?

Milk Nutrition. Think Milk is Higher in Fat? Nope.

While milk alternatives are delicious and sometimes necessary for certain individuals, don’t miss out on a natural, highly nutritious beverage: milk! There are many health benefits from milk people miss due to the myths about milk, dairy farming and the dairy industry.

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