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The average dairy farm in BC uses a vacuum system to milk their cows. This system allows for multiple cows to be milked at a time and the technology behind the vacuum pump mimics that of a calf which guarantees the comfort of the cow. Automatic milking systems or “robots” are prevalent. In a robotic parlour cows can be milked at any time. Robotic arms attach a vacuum pump to the cow. The cow’s health and milk production information are recorded and, upon completion of milking, the cow returns to the herd.

Most dairy farms in BC utilize sophisticated technology to help manage their herd and milk production. Farmers can now manage milk production and animal health with computers and cell phone apps. Every cow in BC is outfitted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag to keep track of their origin and current whereabouts. To ensure their product is of the highest quality farmers utilize complex refrigeration methods to chill the milk to a cold enough temperature for safe storage within a bulk tank prior to pick up by the tanker trucks. The tanker trucks bring the milk to the processing plant every 48 hours. Regular monitoring and recording of milk temperature is mandatory on dairy farms in BC and is often simplified with the use of a Time Temperature Recorder (TTR) which does an automatic temperature check every 15 minutes.

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