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Get enough protein

Eat the number of servings recommended in Canada’s Food Guide for your age, especially in the two protein-rich food groups— Milk & Alternatives and Meat & Alternatives to keep your protein on track. 

Eat a balanced diet

Most Canadians eat more than their recommended number of servings from the Meat & Alternatives group and not enough from Milk & Alternatives. They may be eating enough protein, but are not balancing it between the two protein-rich food groups. Substitute—not simply add—servings from Milk & Alternatives for your Meat & Alternative servings to keep it balanced.   

Distribute your protein throughout the day

Getting protein-rich foods at each meal can:

  • help you feel full longer
  • prevent craving foods of little nutritional value
  • keep blood sugar steady throughout the day
  • help with chronic disease prevention and management, and overall health
  • slow muscle loss associated with aging
  • preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss

However, many people skip breakfast and don’t eat anything until lunch.  Include protein-rich foods every 4-6 hours to keep your protein on time. 

Are you ready to check if your protein intake is on time and on track?

Download a copy of FoodTrack: Check on Protein.

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