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BC Dairy and Alberta Milk show that good goes a long way

For generations, people in Western Canada have been nourished by dairy. Now, in a modern world overtaken by food trends, fads, and special diets, BC Dairy and Alberta Milk take an approach with a powerful message: reminding Western Canadians of the good dairy does in their daily lives. Not just for the tastebuds, but for each other and community, too.

“Dairy has been a staple for British Columbians and Albertans for over a hundred years, and the secret to lasting so long is a singular focus: we’re here to do good,” says Jennifer Woron, Director of Market Development at BC Dairy. “Taste good, nourish good, grow and help shape our communities for the better. We may be the cold glass of milk or two-scoop sundae you remember from childhood, but we’re not stuck in the past. The dairy world is ever-evolving, just like the communities we’re proudly part of.”

The Here for Good platform launches with Good Goes a Long Way, a campaign that features the stories of real Western Canadians connecting through dairy in novel ways. A nervous groom-to-be making his in-laws’ famous chai, a heartbroken teen comforted by friends and a bowl of ice cream, a young, determined hockey player who refuses to give up, and a couple finding comfort from a local dairy farmer after their car breaks down near his farm.

Produced in partnership with One Twenty Three West, Mediology, and Ethnicity Matters, the campaign also marks the first time both English-speaking and multicultural campaigns were created and produced together. The creative was inspired after numerous dairy farm visits, stakeholder sessions, and research, which allowed the team to tap into fresh, relevant insights for our Western Canadian target.

“We wanted to be unapologetic. Show our pride in what we produce. When it comes to taste and comfort, dairy is still the standard. Nothing compares to real cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt,” adds Freda Molenkamp-Oudman, General Manager at Alberta Milk. “We all turn to dairy in moments of joy, sadness, celebration, frustration. We wanted to spotlight those shared experiences.”

Along with the launch campaign, BC Dairy and Alberta Milk have been busy refreshing their respective websites to align messaging to the Here for Good platform. This is coupled with a new social media strategy to help create more engaging content for the brand. Later this year, a number of additional campaigns will launch, including: a spring retail partnership with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, community summer activations including the PNE & Calgary Stampede, and the Holiday Match campaign towards the end of the year.

Launching across Western Canada on March 4th, 2024, Good Goes a Long Way will be running on TV and online as video, digital display, and social assets. Multicultural spots will be running across Western Canada on April 8th, 2024, on in-language TV, online, and social.


BC Dairy is a not-for-profit association that represents BC’s dairy farmers, works to grow the market for dairy products and support profitable, environmentally, and socially responsible dairy farm businesses. The Association also brings dairy farmers together while building lasting relationships within their communities. There are 425 dairy farms in BC, supporting 12,500 jobs, and the industry contributes $1.225 billion to the provincial economy (GDP).




Media Contact:

Jennifer Woron
Director of Marketing
BC Dairy