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Western Milk Pool to engage Lactanet for proAction validation services.

Burnaby, BC – May 25, 2022 

BC Dairy, Alberta Milk, Sask Milk and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba have collectively engaged Lactanet to provide proAction validation services to all four provinces which combined make up the Western Milk Pool (WMP), effective October 1, 2022. The WMP is committed to working closely with Lactanet to ensure this transition.

proAction is Canada’s national on-farm quality assurance program, required for all dairy farmers in Canada and recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). It is an industry-led, rigorously audited program that is based on continuous on-farm improvement. 

Canadians can be confident in the strict on-farm processes and record keeping that ensure food safety, milk quality, animal care, livestock traceability, on-farm biosecurity, and environmental sustainability. BC Dairy, Alberta Milk, SaskMilk, and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba are accountable for the delivery of proAction validation services in each of their respective provinces.

Lactanet is a farmer-run organization, providing laboratory services, herd management information, software solutions and genetic tools to the Canadian dairy industry and allied industry partners.  Lactanet has been providing proAction validation services in the province of Quebec for over a decade, and more recently in the province of Ontario.  

Lactanet’s experience in delivering farm level services, including on farm proAction validations, makes them the ideal choice to deliver similar services in Western Canada. Lactanet will coordinate all proAction validations using Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) trained and certified validators.  

By having an experienced and trusted third-party provide validation services, BC Dairy and other provincial producer organizations will be focused on providing assistance and education to dairy producers on best practices and advancements in dairy farming.   BC Dairy, collectively with our Western Milk Pool partners, will have a greater capacity to recommend policy improvements to the proAction program and engage actively with key stakeholders including dairy processors. 


Henry Holtmann, WMP Chair, “We have excellent farming practices in Western Canada that we are very proud of.  Having a consistent validation of our proAction program, through Lactanet, is an important step for the Western Milk Pool as we align our organizations to continue to drive excellence in dairy”.

Holger Schwichtenberg, Chair, BC Dairy, “We are looking forward to having Lactanet, an experienced and trusted service provider in the dairy sector, provide this important service in British Columbia. ProAction is an important part of the industry’s assurance to consumers and having Lactanet conduct the validation services is a further enhancement of the program”. 

Further Background:

proAction evolves based on newly available scientific knowledge (eg: Code of Practice for the care and handling of farm animals – Dairy Cattle), updated federal regulations, and consultation with dairy producers, expert stakeholders (e.g. veterinarians), and dairy processors.

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Director of Producer & Public Affairs
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