Dairy producers’ most common questions about proAction.

Find the answers to some of your most common questions below. If you have a question about proAction not answered here, reach out to our team by email. 

I’m a new producer, how do I get started with proAction?

Once you have been in touch with the quota officer at the BC Milk Marketing Board, contact the proAction team by email at proaction@bcdairy.ca. We will send you the registration form and set up a time to do training if required. Once you have completed the registration form and signed the proAction declaration of knowledge (after receiving training, if required), we will inform the BC Milk Marketing Board that those steps have been completed and you are ready to begin production.

In order to have your first validation, you must be in production for at least three months, and you must become registered on the program within six months of the start of production. We recommend arranging for your validation as soon as possible after the three-month mark so that you have ample time to complete any corrective actions required and can become registered before the six month grace period is up.

How do I complete my Environmental Questionnaire online?

You must complete this questionnaire every two years online (within 2 years of your validation). The login portal and email/password are the same as you have used for your online self declaration:

1. Login via: dairyproaction.ca

2. Your UserID is BC0000XXXXX (BC, 4 zeros, IRMA (no dash))

If you have forgotten your password but a link to reset it is not arriving via email, contact the proAction team to check which email address is on file for your farm. We can also reset your password over the phone for you.

Contact proAction@bcdairy.ca or call toll free at 1 800 242 6455.

How do I set up my DairyTrace account?

If you have not activated your account yet, you will need to contact DairyTrace Customer Service at 1-866-55-TRACE (1-866-558-7223) or info@DairyTrace.ca.

They can help you set up your account, link your PID, and learn how to start importing your herd information. Their hours are 5am-2pm PST, Monday-Friday. Visit dairytrace.ca for additional information and resources.

How do I start the EFP process?

An Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a requirement for all farms starting September 1, 2021. If you do not yet have one or you have one but it is expired (completed more than 5 years ago), please contact The Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF) to schedule a free and confidential visit with a planning advisor.

To schedule your free and confidential appointment, call 250-940-6150 or visit the IAF website.

Where can I get proAction record templates?

All record templates are available here: ProAction Resources.

If you have difficulties, you can email the proAction team to have copies emailed to you.

Where can I get proAction SOP templates?

SOP templates are available on our website.

If you need assistance, you can email the proAction team to have copies emailed to you.

How can I get another biosecurity sign for my farm?

Please contact the proAction team at proaction@bcdairy.ca to order one. Your first sign is free, and any additional signs are $28 each. Options are available to pay by e-transfer or over the phone by providing your credit card information.

Our farm hasn’t received a proAction binder. How can I get one?

Binders were sent to quota holder mailing addresses in May 2021. If you manage a farm, check with the quota holder first. If you still can’t locate the binder intended for your farm, please contact the proAction team at proAction@bcdairy.ca.

A binder and other materials will be sent to new sites upon completion of the registration paperwork with our proAction team.

I’m a dairy farmer. How can I find out when my next validation will be?

Please contact the proAction team at proaction@bcdairy.ca to check for you.