Run Group Etiquette

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is coming up on May 5th and Powered By Chocolate Milk has some great etiquette tips for group running.

May 5th is the BMO Vancouver Marathon so we wanted to talk about group training. With the introduction of new running races (lululemon Seawheeze) and the growing popularity of legacy races (Vancouver Sun Run, Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon), there are more and more runners hitting the road. Sunday mornings, you’ll often see hundreds of runners out in swarms running over the Burrard Bridge or on the seawall and it’s no surprise that Vancouver is one of healthiest cities in Canada.

More runners also means that there are more and larger running groups. What better way to stay motivated than to be accountable to other people? So while you’re out there running with your group, keep in mind these “Rules of the Road” from our Powered By Chocolate Milk ambassador Linda Wong:

  1. Stay to the Right. Imagine you’re walking over the Burrard Bridge after work one day and you see a group of 20 runners coming toward you in a large pack. What do you do? If everyone sticks with the general rule of “stay to the right”, then we’re good.
  2. Mind Your One’s and Two’s. We’re not the only ones out there so just because your group is larger, it doesn’t mean you own the road. Avoid any accidental shoulder grazes or potentially negative encounters by running as a single or double. Either run ahead to create a single line, tuck behind a fellow runner, or run with ONE buddy.
  3. Share The Road. Remember that sometimes you’re running in a shared lane with bicycles or rollerbladers so be respectful and be mindful.
  4. Be Nice! Your endorphins are running high, you’re “in the zone”, and you’re feeling pretty darn good. So, when you run past another runner or someone who’s going for a stroll, wave, smile, and say “Good Morning” or even a simple “Thank You” if they moved to let you by.
  5. Be Vocal! Sometimes within our own run group, we may miss seeing small potholes or steps or any other obstacles along the way so speak up. Let your fellow runners know about any possible dangers or obstacles along the way, including bikes, cars, and people. Calling things like “Car back!”, “Runner up!”, “Dogs up!” is greatly appreciated and keeps everyone alert and aware of their surroundings.

With those basic rules in mind, you’re guaranteed a happy, healthy run out on the road with your fellow runners. One foot in front of the other until you get to the start line. Happy training! For other stories on training and nutrition, check out poweredbychocolatemilk.com

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