Support Positive Body Image for Students

Teachers and staff can play a powerful role in promoting positive body image among students. Book a workshop today!

Do your students worry about their weight and how they look?

Are you looking for resources and tips to help you discuss body image concerns in the classroom?

Group of young teenager friends sitting on a bench relaxing

In this free and interactive nutrition education workshop presented by a registered dietitian, we will:

  • examine our attitudes related to weight
  • explore determinants of body shape and size
  • identify the factors that influence body image and self-esteem in students, using case studies featuring students with various concerns
  • learn about classroom and online resources that help address these risk factors
  • develop strategies and language to help us become more confident in promoting positive body image at school.

Suggested time: 90-120 minutes.

Start Teaching Nutrition in Your Classroom

Encourage students to explore a variety of foods each day. Contact us to request a workshop.