Start with motivation to help get you to the finish

Keeping you motivated at week 6 of your Sun Run training

With just 7 weeks to go with your Sun Run training, your motivation needs to keep up with your pace!

The Vancouver Sun Run is coming up faster than expected. These 5 motivational tips will help you stay focused in the days leading up to the race. Get your laces tied, and get ready to run…

1. Find a Mantra: Come up with a motivational, inspiring short phrase. These words can be anything from your reasons for running, to how running makes you feel. Repeating these words in your head will allow you to stay motivated when you need it most.

2. Have Fun: Don’t make running another stressful task in your already busy life; running should be something to look forward to. As a known stress reliever, running helps you become healthier and happier. So, load up your latest and greatest tunes to your iPod, pop in your earbuds, and enjoy your run!

3. Choose Scenic Routes: Is the same old route getting a little boring? If you’re not enjoying running past the same supermarket every day, try choosing a new route to run. Running along rivers, near parks, and checking out another part of the city might just kick-start your running motivation. Check out sites like Walk, Jog, Run and Run the Planet to find new routes from other runners, or by creating your own.

4. Set Specific Goals: Set goals that are achievable and specific. Having a goal in mind can help you push further and put in that added extra effort when you’re about to turn around and head home. Goal setting will help you stay focused, and before you know it you’ll be surpassing goals you never thought you’d be able to reach!

5. The Buddy System: Nothing motivates better than having a friend or family member run with you; it’s even a great way to get together during the week. By running with a partner, it’s easier for you to secure a specific time in the week for a run, and not skip out like you might if you were by yourself. Share stories, running tips, or training techniques while you’re mid-run – the cool down can also be more enjoyable when you’re with someone else!

Have fun! See you on April 27th.

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