Take a 100 Meal Journey, One Meal at a Time

Still working on your New Year’s resolution to eat well and stay on track?

Planning too many changes at once can be overwhelming and hard to achieve and keep up. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. Assess your food choices with FoodTrack Check on Balance.
  2. Where can you make a positive, easy change? Identify a food group you would like to work on and check the ideas suggested for each food group in the article Eat Well This New Year and Stay on Track. Write out your plan.
  3. Review your plan: Is it realistic? Does it fit your lifestyle? Does your meal plan include foods you like to eat that are available at home or work?
If you are looking for ideas to help you meet your goals, follow us through March and take a 100 Meal Journey with us, one meal at time.

Adapted from The Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month Campaign Materials. Find more information about Nutrition Month at: www.nutritionmonth2016.ca.

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