The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience Visits Flavours of Surrey

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience returns to the sixth annual Flavours of Surrey Fusion Festival. The festival included tastings, farmer’s market and children activities to boost awareness of local agriculture. The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is an interactive program designed to educate children about nutrition, food production as well as the dairy industry in BC. Equipped with portable milking equipment, the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience includes live milking and calf feeding demonstrations. At Flavours of Surrey and selected events, Delilah offered a unique experience as participants had the chance to actually ‘milk’ her novelty udder.  Delilah even responded with a friendly “moo” as our presenters handed out amazing prizes. At Flavours of Surrey, over 800 kids ‘milked’ Delilah and proudly sported their “I Milked a Cow!” sticker.

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience would like to thank Postma Farms for providing the 2 dairy cows and calf which were the true stars of the show.

For more information about the Mobile Dairy Classroom and to find out where we will be next, please visit: www.dairyclassroom.ca.

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