Top 5 facts about Canada’s dairy industry

Here are some quick facts about what makes our dairy industry one of the best in the world!

BC dairy farmers are committed to delivering the best, high quality products to Canadians. Here are the top five benefits in supporting your local dairy farmer and buying BC milk:

  1. Approximately 95% of all farms in BC are family owned and run. An average dairy farm in BC has 120 milking cows. 
  2. BC has some of the highest quality standards for milk production, transport, and processing found anywhere in the world. Extensive quality checks and testing, unique to the dairy industry, ensure that BC consumers can always purchase high quality and nutritious dairy products. 
  3. Milk is a natural and pure product. The use of bovine growth hormones (rbST) is illegal in Canada. Nothing is added to milk except vitamins A and D. 
  4. Your milk is always fresh and local. There are over 500 dairy farms in BC that supply the milk purchased at your local grocery store. 
  5. Dairy farmers are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. They utilize these practices through soil conservation, setting limitations on the amount of energy and water in dairy production, and by utilizing renewable energy technology on their farms.
About BC Dairy

BC Dairy is a not-for-profit organization representing BC’s dairy farmers.