We Heart Local BC Chefs Farm Tour: A Grassroots Movement to Get to Know Your Food

Farm tour connects BC chefs and farmers through their passion for local food.

On a mild May morning, a group of Vancouver chefs headed out to Delta, BC for a more pastoral food experience than the average work day. The We Heart Local BC Chef Farm Tour brought together two family-owned farms and a handful of Vancouver chefs to highlight the connection between farm and food in our community.

This tour was put together in celebration of the Buy BC: Eat Drink Local program that launched in May with funding from the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. Here in BC, there is a lot of reverence for quality, local products and environmental stewardship; together We Heart Local and the BC Food and Restaurant Association provided an opportunity for chefs, whose job revolves around the application and appreciation of food, to connect with the Delta farming community.

With our busy lives, it can be easy to lose sight of the true origins of our food and the people behind them.

The morning was spent touring the Pickmick Dairy Farm learning about life on the farm, on-farm animal care, and milk’s journey from farm to fridge.


The tour ended with a sampling of some oh-so-tasty local cheeses made throughout the province with B.C. milk. The afternoon followed with a tour of a bell pepper greenhouse at Westcoast Vegetables.  

After much anticipation, the crowd enthusiastically dug in to a plateful of beautiful, crisp red, orange, and yellow bell peppers during lunch. 

Indeed, tour participants had many opportunities throughout the day to ask questions and further their understanding of milk production and greenhouse cultivation.     

With our busy lives, it can be easy to lose sight of the true origins of our food and the people behind them. Not only was this tour a big thank you to local chefs and farmers, it also served as a reminder to us all, of food’s journey to our tables.  The We Heart Local Chef’s Farm Tour underscored the benefits to be had for community, the local economy, our farmers, and consumers alike.   By supporting food from a local lens, we all benefit. 

Questions about where your food really comes from? Check out the BC At the Table videos to learn more about our local food system.

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