What Can I Do If I Don’t Like Milk?

Try these 7 ideas to include more milk in your day.

Ideas for action:

  1. Try adding various flavourings to your milk (such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, almond, or malt) or buy flavoured milks. They have all the nutrition of plain milk.
  2. Try steamed almond milk, caffé latte, mocha or other steamed milk beverages.
  3. Try various smoothie recipes.
  4. Try cooking with milk. Use milk as a base for soups, sauces and puddings.
  5. Sprinkle cheese on casseroles, soups and cooked vegetables.
  6. Enjoy yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit or vegetables.
  7. Include skim milk powder* in your cooking and baking:
  • Add it to cooked cereal (2 – 4 Tbsp per serving after the water and cereal are combined).
  • Use it in hamburger patties, macaroni & cheese, and other casseroles (2 Tbsp per serving).
  • Add it to mashed potatoes and cream soups (2 Tbsp per serving), scrambled eggs and omelettes (1⁄2 Tbsp per egg), cocoa (6 Tbsp per cup of water), sauces, gravies and breading mixtures.

* Skim milk powder increases the food nutrient content considerably. One-third cup of skim milk powder is approximately equal in food value to a glass of fluid milk. Be sure that vitamins A and D have been added to the milk powder you buy.

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