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Organic Milk vs Regular Milk: What's the Difference?

Global BC TV Elaine Yong reports on the difference between Canadian organic milk and regular milk.

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Innovation in Nutrition Education

Workshops, downloadable lessons, new media resources and print materials... award-winning resources designed to help you help others eat well.

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Does Milk Contain Growth Hormones and Antibiotics?

Canadian dairy farmers do not use growth hormones such as BST or rbGH and ensure their milk is free of antibiotics.

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What Type of Cream Should I Use?

Do you find it confusing when a recipe calls for cream and you're not sure what cream to get?

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Order the 2016 Milk Calendar!

For a limited time and while quantities last - get your 2016 Milk Calendar

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Protein for Healthy Bones

November is Osteoporosis Awareness Month and a good time to get acquainted with the importance of protein for bone health. Do you get enough?

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