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What Is the Difference Between Regular Milk and Organic Milk?

Organic milk has been gaining popularity among some consumers. Wondering what the difference is between regular and organic milk? Find out more below.

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Innovation in Nutrition Education

Workshops, downloadable lessons, new media resources and print materials... award-winning resources designed to help you help others eat well.

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Does Milk Contain Growth Hormones and Antibiotics?

Canadian dairy farmers do not use growth hormones such as BST or rbGH and ensure their milk is free of antibiotics.

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What Type of Cream Should I Use?

Do you find it confusing when a recipe calls for cream and you're not sure what cream to get?

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Breakfast on the Farm a Great Success

This year's Breakfast on the Farm was a two-day event with over 1,200 total visitors.

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Celebrate Father’s Day With a Canadian Cheese and Beer Pairing

Here is our guide to some great cheese and beer pairings.

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2016 Milk Mooves You Promotion

Your chance to WIN with every purchase of Canadian milk: Milk Mooves You promotion

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Farming For the Future: Soil Conservation on BC Dairy Farms

As stewards of the land for generations, farmers know first-hand the importance of soil conservation. Dairy farmers in particular need healthy soil to grow food to feed to their cows.

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Your Guide to the Yogurt Aisle

Swiss style, Greek, probiotic…What are the differences between the types of yogurt and which one is best for you? Read on to find answers to commonly asked questions about yogurt.

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3 A Day Keeps High Blood Pressure at Bay

In celebration of World Hypertension Day, we highlight the role that dairy products play in preventing and managing hypertension and share how you can get enough.

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