Press Release

Nutrition education at BC Dairy goes online!

BC Dairy is excited to announce the launch of our new online, self-paced food and nutrition workshops for teachers across BC.  Food Explorers, our kindergarten to grade 1 in-school program, and Food for Us, our grade 2-3 program, are the first programs to launch. 

In less than an hour, workshops feature program links to BC’s curriculum and Canada’s Food Guide, showcase the materials, and build excitement for teaching food and nutrition in the classroom.  

Why online, self-paced workshops?  Although teachers continue to express their support for BC Dairy’s nutrition programs, they have shared that time is becoming increasingly limited.  The requirement to attend a live, in-person workshop, as was the case previously, was becoming more of a challenge. The new on-demand model allows teachers to learn at a time and pace that suits their schedule best.

Teachers have expressed support and excitement for the online workshops thus far.  Here are a few comments about their experiences:  

  • “Teachers are very busy before and after school, but taking 30 minutes to attend a workshop of this value is well worth it!” School district #41
  • “Coming out of COVID, it feels like my workload is heavier than ever. Kids’ needs are more complex and there are tons of assessments requested to figure out what’s going on. Oh, and still teach the regular curriculum! So, the flexibility of offerings this way is much, much appreciated.” School district #70
  • “The self-paced format is an excellent idea! I have been teaching for almost 30 years now and BC Dairy’s Food Explorers Self-paced workshop is the first of its kind. Thank you! I can access the workshop from my couch, desk or with my morning coffee!” School district #41
  • “I loved the video format. This will allow me to return to sections of the video if I need more guidance or a refresher in the future.” School district #36

Visit the schools and educators page for a list of all food and nutrition programs offered by BC Dairy.  Any questions or comments can be directed to nutrition@bcdairy.ca