Butter Types

Ever wondered about the difference between clarified butter and ghee?

Salted butter: Contains 2% salt.

Semi-salted butter: Contains 1% salt.

Unsalted or sweet butter: Contains no added salt.

Cultured butter: An unsalted butter in which bacterial culture is added to the cream before churning. Has a delicate, tangy taste that some refer to as having an ‘old-country flavour’.

Specialty butter: Herbs and/or spices have been added during the process—for example, garlic butter.

Whipped butter: Air has been beaten into it so it is softer, has more volume and spreads more easily. It should not be used in recipes calling for plain butter.

Ghee: A type of clarified butter that originated in South Asia. Butter is melted so that the milk solids separate and settle to the bottom where they are allowed to brown slightly. The butter is allowed to simmer so that any water evaporates. The resulting ghee has a higher smoke point and longer shelf life than ordinary clarified butter. Here’s how to make Clarified Butter

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