Five Tips to Get Kids Interested in Food, Cooking and Nutrition

Make grocery shopping a family affair. It’s the perfect time to teach kids about food.

The grocery store is a great starting point to get kids interested in food, cooking and nutrition. Involve your child in planning meals and adding items to the grocery list. At the store, talk about how much food costs, where it comes from and how to make healthy choices. 

These tips can make your shopping experience more enjoyable: 

Minimize stress. 

Timing is everything! Shop when the store isn’t busy. Don’t go when your child is tired or hungry. 

Explore and experiment.

Let your child pick a new vegetable or fruit in the produce section. 

Ask for help.

Have older children and teens help with reading food labels and comparing brands. 

Set rules before you go. 

Have a plan to deal with requests for sweets and salty snacks you wouldn’t usually buy – and don’t give in! 

Have fun! 

Make grocery shopping like a scavenger hunt for healthy foods. Give your child the list and a pen to cross off items as they’re added to the cart. 

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