Freezing Cheese

Can you freeze cheese? It depends…

Fresh Cheese

  • Freezing most fresh cheese is not advised as flavour and texture may change.
  • Cream cheese freezes well. If crumbly and slightly separated, whip before using.
  • When used as an ingredient, the dish may be frozen without affecting the flavour or quality of the product.

Aged Cheese

  • Aged cheese freezes well; the flavour will be the same although the texture may change slightly.
  • It is best used for cooking.
  • Freezing aged cheese has the advantage of preventing mold and helping some of the more perishable cheeses retain their flavour for longer periods.
  • Grate or freeze in small pieces no more than 3 cm thick or 500 g, as larger pieces tend to crumble when thawed.
  • Wrap cheese so that it is airtight. Wrap first in plastic, then foil or freezer bags; label and date.
  • Thaw frozen cheese in the refrigerator, allowing 7-8 hours per 500 g.
  • Recommended maximum storage time in the freezer is 3 months.

Processed Cheese

  • Freezing is not recommended.
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