How to Save Money When Grocery Shopping for One or Two

Grocery shopping for one or two? A smart strategy will help you save money.

Shopping for one or two people requires a different strategy than when shopping for a big family. 

Get the most out of your food budget and reduce food waste with these tips:

Plan wisely. 

Start with a meal plan so you know ahead of time what you’ll be eating. Make your grocery list and stick to it. 

Cook from scratch. 

Some ready-to-go packaged meals contain more than one serving, so you might end up paying for more than you actually eat. 

Shop in the bulk section.

You’ll save money by buying only what you need. 

Shop as a team.

Grocery shop with a friend so you can split large packages and take advantage of volume discounts such as “buy one, get one free.” 

Buy only what you need. 

Break up a bunch of bananas, buy half a dozen eggs and ask the butcher to split packages of meat. If you do buy bigger packages of meat, divide and freeze in single portions. 

Be careful with coupons. 

It’s only a deal if you actually need what you buy.

For more tips on how to save money and eat well and meal ideas, check our Cheap Eats resource.

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