Message from Pierre Lampron, President of DFC on USMCA

Dear colleagues,


As you know, our producers are under tremendous stress and frustration following the announcement of the trade agreement with the United States and Mexico. This frustration is expressed in many ways, including the call for boycotts of certain dairy products that do not have a certification logo such as the Blue Cow or the “100% Canadian Milk”, to certify that they are well made of 100% Canadian milk and/or ingredients.


However, there are products that are made from 100% Canadian milk and dairy ingredients that do not have our certification logo. These are the target of boycotts by some producers who conclude that these products come from sources other than 100% Canadian milk and ingredients, when in fact this is not true.


For reasons of their own, some processors have not yet joined DFC’s certification program. Some of them are reviewing this decision. I ask your cooperation in communicating this information with dairy farmers to ensure that we can clarify this situation as our industry needs to work with processors to limit the negative impact of the trade agreement with the US and Mexico.


Thank you


Les Producteurs laitiers du Canada – Dairy Farmers of Canada
21 Florence St, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0W6


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