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Chef pouring cream into a pan.
Your recipe calls for buttermilk... but you don't have any on hand. What to do? Check out this handy list of dairy substitutions. click to tweet Twitter

Nothing beats the real thing, but sometimes you realize too late that you are out of one of these dairy ingredients in the middle of cooking or baking. This chart explains what you can use in your recipe instead.



250 mL whole milk 

125 mL evaporated whole milk + 125 mL water


50 mL skim milk powder + 225 mL water + 12 mL butter

250 mL skim milk

75 mL skim milk powder + water to make 250 mL

250 mL sour milk

15 mL lemon juice or vinegar + milk to make 250 mL (let stand 5 minutes)

250 mL buttermilk

15 mL lemon juice or vinegar + milk to make 250 mL


250 mL yogurt

250 mL yogurt

 250 mL buttermilk

250 mL sour cream

250 mL yogurt

250 mL whipping cream 

 175 mL whole milk + 75 mL butter (cannot be whipped)

250 mL table cream

250 mL evaporated whole milk, undiluted


45 mL butter + milk to make 250 mL

250 mL half & half cream

225 mL whole milk + 25 mL butter


125 mL whole milk + 125 mL coffee cream












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