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Looking for an activity to help keep the kids busy? Before you throw out those milk jugs and cartons, keep them to make some crafts! They can be used to make a number of things like mobiles, trucks, and more. Ideas below.

Feather Mobiles

Add some bohemian flair to your home with these eco-friendly feather mobiles.

  1. You will need: scissors, a blade, string, beads, a dowel, paint, a hole punch and a 4L milk jug.
  2. Cut feather shapes out of the milk jug.
  3. Paint and allow to dry.
  4. Use scissors to add details to the feathers.
  5. Punch a hole at the top of the feathers.
  6. String feathers and beads together and tie them to the dowel.
  7. Add a string to the dowel so it can be hung.

Peony Lights

Give your lights some flower power with these peony lights.

  1. You will need: a string of twinkly lights, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a blade, scissors and a 4L milk jug.
  2. Cut flower pieces out of the milk jug.
  3. Cut a hole in the centre of the flower pieces for the lights.
  4. For each flower, you will need four flower petal shapes and one circle.
  5. Add details with scissors.
  6. Paint the edges of the flower pieces. Allow them to dry.
  7. Place the petals over the lights.
  8. Place four flower petal pieces, followed by one circle piece.

Milk Carton Truck 

Get your recycling really moving with these milk carton trucks.

  1. You will need: pipe cleaners, milk jug caps, a pencil, washi tape, a glue stick, scissors, colourful paper, a knife, markers and a milk carton.
  2. Cut your milk carton with a knife. Create a truck shape by cutting one of the ends to create a trunk.
  3. Wrap the colourful paper over the milk carton and use glue to stick it together.
  4. Decorate your truck with colourful washi tape and glue on the other details like windows and headlights with paper cut outs.
  5. Cut X’s into the milk jug caps.
  6. Poke holes into the truck where you’d like to have wheels.

Have your own ideas? Share your craft ideas that use empty milk containers below or on our Facebook page.

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