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Canadian Farmer

We love our Canadian farmers! They are always up at the break of dawn, working hard to produce the quality foods we get to enjoy each and every day. Some farmers will have a light breakfast before their early morning work. After that's complete, they'll come in and enjoy a nice, warm, hearty breakfast before heading back out into the field.  

A traditional farmer's breakfast may include sausage, bacon, eggs (cooked just the way you like), buttered toast, a side of fruit and a tall glass of cold, 100% Canadian milk. Some variations may include hashbrowns, baked beans and a glass of orange juice. 

...and don't worry, we didn't forget the hot cup of joe that keeps them going for the day! 

Honour a farmer by getting the family together on the weekend and cooking up your very own Canadian farmer's breakfast, including these delicious Sunday's Scrambled Eggs

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