A Mosaic of BC Breakfasts: Part One

We’re so lucky to have a mosaic of cultures right here in BC! This series will highlight traditional breakfast foods from cultures around our province.

South Asian

Information provided by Sharda Khatar
Originally from Punjab, India. Residing in Abbotsford, B.C.

What is a common meal you would have had for breakfast in India?

A meal I remember having often was a hot egg sandwich with a cup of chai. Fresh eggs would be collected from either your own chickens or fetched from the village market. A pan would be warmed up with ghee used to sauté onions. Some cumin and spice would be added to infuse more flavour. Finally, the eggs were cracked into the pan and scrambled. Two pieces of bread were toasted over the stove before adding the egg mixture to them and creating your hot egg sandwich. But of course, no meal was complete without a cup of a fresh chai made with tea, boiling water, spices, milk and sugar! Luckily, all the same ingredients are available in B.C. so I am still able to enjoy this breakfast on a frequent basis.

Try making your own Indian Inspired Hot Egg Sandwich and Chai for breakfast!

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