Dairy Nutrition

Protein for healthy bones

November is Osteoporosis Awareness Month and a good time to get acquainted with the importance of protein for bone health. Do you get enough?

BC Dairy Association has developed an easy way for you to check if you are getting enough protein: FoodTrack—Check on Protein. Download a copy to see if you are getting enough protein from the foods you eat and to plan ways to improve if you need to.

Did you know that higher protein intakes are associated with higher bone mineral density?

You need to get enough calcium as well. In the words of researcher Robert Heaney,”calcium and protein interact constructively.” You need enough of both calcium and protein to fully realize the benefit of each nutrient on bone.

Check out if you are getting enough calcium by using the Calcium Calculator™ online tool or downloading the print resource. 

Darling, AL, Millward, DJ, Torgerson DJ et al. Dietary protein and bone health: as systematic review and meta-analaysis. AJCN 90(6), 2009.

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