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What Is the Difference Between Regular Milk and Organic Milk?

Organic milk has been gaining popularity among some consumers. Wondering what the difference is between regular and organic milk? Find out more below.

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Want To Make An Impact On Students’ Food Choices?

Book a BC Dairy teacher nutrition workshop at your school and be ready to teach nutrition the next day in your classroom.

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Displays For Your Conference or Health Fair

Our displays are free-of-charge to use, and come with coordinating resources.

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Why Take a Teacher Nutrition Education Workshop?

Find out about all the benefits of attending a BC Dairy nutrition education workshop.

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Three Tips to Add Colour and Crunch to Your Plate

Spend a little more time in the produce section to add colour and crunch to your cart and your plate.

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Announcing the 2016 Annual Hands-on Cook-off Contest!

The Better Together annual Hands-on Cook-off contest is celebrating its seventh anniversary!

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How to Keep School Lunches Food Safe

5 food-safe tips for packing school lunches

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National Grilled Cheese Day Roundup

It’s National Grilled Cheese Day! Try one (or more) of these 12 tantalizing recipes below to celebrate this mouth-watering day.

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First Nations Foods

How do foods commonly eaten by First Nations communities fit into the four food groups?

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Take a 100 Meal Journey, One Meal at a Time

Still working on your New Year's resolution to eat well and stay on track?

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A Mosaic of BC Breakfasts: Part Four

The fourth article of the Breakfast Series features a modern twist on a traditional First Nations favourite.

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