How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

Skip packaged meals. Cooking simple meals is an easy way to save money on your grocery bill.

Prepared and packaged meals can be more expensive and less healthy than meals you make at home. Lower your costs by going homemade. Start with these simple make-at-home meal ideas:

Homestyle pizza

Lightly brush a whole grain pizza crust or a whole wheat pita with olive oil. Top with lots of spinach, fresh chopped tomatoes, a sprinkle of black olives and a little feta cheese. Bake and enjoy your healthier at-home pizza! Try our homemade pizza

Roasted chicken

Instead of grocery store rotisserie chicken, roast your own whole chicken on Sunday, refrigerate and reheat for Monday’s dinner. Use any leftovers to make sandwiches, quesadillas or burritos the next day.

Tomato soup

Toss together a pint of cherry tomatoes, a few peeled cloves of garlic and a chopped onion. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Roast in a baking dish in the oven until vegetables are soft. Blend with low-sodium chicken broth and warm for a bursting-with-flavour homemade soup! Pair your soup with our Indian-inspired hot egg sandwich for a well balanced meal.

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