Perfect pairings with BC cheese.

The best things in life were meant to be enjoyed together. Like wine, beer and BC cheese.

Your guide to the perfect pairing.

To help your taste buds navigate the world of texture, acidity, sweetness, and fat, we’ve put together a handy guide. Use it the next time you’re looking to pick up the perfect pair.

Fresh & bloomy soft cheesesFresh & bloomy soft cheeses

Think ricotta, mozzarella, burrata, feta, and brie. These cheeses love crisp whites, dry rosés, sparkling wines, and light-bodies reds. Similarly, they want less intense beers that are light and bright, to bring out the nuance of the cheese. Or try them with earthy beers such as saisons, or sours for a fun pairing.

Try BC varieties like the Island Brie from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, Bella Marie from Upper Bench Creamery, Feta from Jerseyland Organics, or Lady Jane from The Farm House Natural Cheeses. 

Once you’ve gathered the cheese you can even create your own pizza night with family and friends.



Semi-hard, medium-aged cheeses

These include havarti, gouda, Swiss cheeses, and young cheddar. We recommend medium-bodied whites, fruity reds, sparkling wine, and aperitif wines that offer a balance between acidity and tannin. And these cheeses love beer that offer a touch of sharpness and warm supporting depth, like a pale ale or hoppy IPA.

BC cheeses to try include the Mild Gouda from Grass Root Dairies, Nostrala from Kootenay Meadows, or the Harvest Moon Washed Rind from Poplar Grove.

Not sure how to store cheese after opening? Check out our guide to keeping cheese fresh.



Blue Cheeses

Now we’re talking flavour and personality! These can include gorgonzola and cambozola but many BC cheesemakers have their own varieties. When choosing wines, look for both oomph and sweetness to balance the cheese’s bold flavours and usually very salty, savoury body. Hearty robust beers like stouts stand up nicely too.

Check out BC’s very own Jersey Blue at Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Tiger Blue at Poplar Grove, Bleu Claire from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, or the Grey Baby from Upper Bench Creamery.

Looking to turn your blue cheese into a tasty meal? Check out our recipe for grilled steak with blue cheese sauce.




Hard aged cheeses

Harder cheeses love full-bodied whites and tannic reds, and their nutty and salty flavours work with sweet wines and oxidative wines like sherry. Light, dry beers accentuate the sharply intense notes of the cheese, like when pairing alpine cheeses with the yeast in Belgian beers. For a pairing with a lot of attitude, IPAs and sharp cheddar are a match made in heaven.

When shopping for BC cheeses, look for varieties like the Tadwick from Haltwhistle Cheese, Fermière from The Farm House Natural Cheeses, or the Charmesan from Golden Ears Cheesecrafters.

If you’re hosting a party check out our simple tips for making a cheese platter that your guests will love.

Many BC cheesemakers have their own varieties and names, so trust your tastebuds as you find out what you like best. Cheers, and happy pairing!
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