December 9, 2021

Update—Long road ahead as BC dairy farmers begin flood recovery

As waters recede some dairy farmers impacted by flooding have begun the long process of assessing damage and beginning cleanup. Others remain evacuated from their properties, their cattle being cared for by farmers in the Lower Mainland. As of today, six dairy farms remain under evacuation order, down from 62 farms at the peak of […]

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November 26, 2021

WestGen Digs Deep to Donate

Thrust into the middle of the unprecedented floods in BC, WestGen has felt first-hand the devastation, but have also benefitted first-hand from the surrounding farming community’s heroic efforts to assist us in evacuating animals from our barn; and thereafter have been in a position to return that support to other farmers in need.

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November 23, 2021

BC Dairy update—cattle evacuation, milk supply

The BC Dairy Association (BC Dairy) has completed a preliminary assessment of the impacts of flooding on cattle and dairy farms in the Abbotsford and Yarrow area.  At this time, BC Dairy’s preliminary estimate is that of the approximately 23,000 cattle located in the region prior to the floods, about 500 are deceased as a […]

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