Simplify Your Meals at the Campsite

Find out how to make this refreshing salad before you go!

Our friend, Bob, introduced us to this delicious salad several years ago on a camping trip to Lake O’Hara, BC.  We can’t thank him enough! It has since become a camping staple – your friends and family will love it.

With Bob’s Bean Salad packed in your cooler and ready to go, you will have a gourmet meal in minutes after a long day of hiking. Serve as is with a fresh baguette or try one of these variations.

Bring along some tortillas and grated cheddar cheese. Spoon the bean salad and cheese on a tortilla, fold it over and heat up in a frying pan.

Add the bean salad to your scrambled eggs for a tasty twist to breakfast at the campsite!

Boil up some pasta at the campsite. Drain, cool and add the bean salad to create a simple resfreshing pasta salad.

Although the least enjoyable part of camping is all of the preparation ahead of time, it always pays off.
Do you have a campsite meal that can be made in advance? Leave a comment below with your favourite camping recipe.

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