Ice cream
July 4, 2022

Local milk the secret to great gelato

A chance order of pistachio gelato while travelling in Italy changed James Coleridge’s life. Totally different from the tubs of ice cream he loved as a child, it was rich and flavourful in a way that inspired him.   Returning to Canada after that first trip he tried gelato purchased from local stores, but it just […]

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Prep Time

1 hr 25 min

Cook Time

Freeze: Min 3 hr up to 5 days

Total Time

4 hr 25 min

Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is sure to be a hit with your family or friends. This recipe uses cherry and chocolate ice cream for a tart and sweet combination. It has a chocolate wafer crust and a delicious fudgy centre.  If you prefer a different flavour, try any two of your favourite ice cream varieties. 

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