Cows on the “Moo-ve”: Coming to a School near You

For the second year, the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is travelling around the province.

Do you know where your milk comes from? Have you ever wondered what a cow does all day? Students in the Penticton and Summerland regions have the chance to find out this week when the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience visits them with two live dairy cows and a calf. For the second consecutive year, the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is travelling around the province conducting school visits to raise awareness about British Columbia’s dynamic dairy industry.

“As British Columbia’s population becomes increasingly urban, it is more important than even for people to learn about where their food comes from,” said Marcus Wong, Director, Producer Relations & Communications, BC Dairy Association. “The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience was designed to literally bring the farm to people across the province. Complete with a live calf, two cows, and milking machine, the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience will take you on a walk through a dairy farm, showing you exactly how milk gets from the farm to your kitchen!”

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience was designed by the BC Dairy Association to help educate and engage the public in learning about dairy cows and the dairy industry. The displays are full of interesting facts and information about dairy cows, milk, as well as fun interactive challenges. At select events during the summer, the public will also have the opportunity to “milk” a life-sized fiberglass dairy cow, affectionately named “Delilah.”

“This program is an innovative way to share with the public what a dairy farmer like myself does,” said John Tamis, a local dairy farmer from Surrey. “I want to encourage everyone to go check out the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience. Its interactive presentations will entertain both young and old, making you laugh and learn all at once!”

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience is a fifth wheel trailer that has been modified to fit a milking jar and milking machine, with room to transport two cows and one calf. The program travels to events and schools in B.C. and delivers milking demonstrations using real, live cows. During demonstrations, a presenter describes the process of producing milk, talks about the dairy industry and engages the audience in a discussion about milk, while a facilitator demonstrates the milking process.

To request a visit to your school or to see where the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience will be next, please visit www.dairyclassroom.ca.

The BC Dairy Association (BCDA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the B.C. dairy industry, by advancing the legitimate business interests of B.C.’s dairy farmers and by raising awareness of the dynamic, economically sustainable nature of the industry, which consistently supplies high-quality products to consumers. The BCDA is also dedicated to increasing milk awareness and providing high quality nutritional education, for everyone from school children to adults.

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