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If you are gardening for the first time, pick two or three crops you enjoy eating to give yourself a focus. If you are gardening on the coast, greens tend to do well, so growing lettuce or a mesclun mix would be a good start. It's also a good pick for those who will be gardening in pots on a balcony instead of in the ground.

Growing Salad Greens

Greens love the cool, spring weather, so don't wait any longer! Scatter seed in your pot, or in a row or patch in the ground. Cover with a fine layer of soil to a depth of about 1/4". Water with a gentle spray from your hose, or use the sprinkler head on a watering can.

For a coninuous crop all summer, try setting up a few pots or sections in your garden and sow seed every 2–3 weeks throughout the next couple of months for a continuous supply of salad greens.

You can pick loose leaf lettuce by the leaf and the plant will continue growing. Or, you can shear off your mesclun mix about 1" from the ground and the plants will grow again.

Use Your Harvest

To put your first harvest to use, try this recipe for Summer Salad!

For more information on planting and growing your first vegetable garden, West Coast Seeds has a great growing guide.

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