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Greenbelt Veterinary Services Partnered Event—November 2022

On November 29, 2022, BC Dairy and Greenbelt Veterinary services partnered on a research event to share updates in two areas of work that both organizations have been involved in in the past few years – managing extreme heat and Salmonella Dublin.  BC Dairy contributed funding to an IAF-delivered project focused on identifying tactics to improve heat stress in dairy barns, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture-led BC Salmonella Dublin Investigation and Management Program (SDIMP). Dr. John Dick of Greenbelt Veterinary Services served on the BC Dairy research funding committee, the IAF extreme heat project advisory committee, and has been involved in the Salmonella Dublin investigation and Management program as a dairy practitioner advisor to the group. More detail on each project and speaker can be found on the individual webinar pages below.

In addition to the two funded projects highlighted, world renowned dairy barn consultant and veterinary, Dr. Gordie Jones provided his insight on managing heat in dairy barns in the most common dairy barn systems, as well as his view of the best barn design for ventilation and cost savings. To provide an external view of the impact of Salmonella Dublin, Jonathan Olyniuk, Manager at the Rayner Dairy Centre at the University of Saskatchewan spoke on their experience diagnosing, managing, and eliminating S.Dublin from the Rayner herd.

Webinar videos:

Measuring Heat Stress in Summer 2021—Denis Langlois

Managing Heat Stress in a Warming World—Dr. Gordie Jones

New Concepts in Dairy Design: The All-Season Hybrid Barn—Dr. Gordie Jones 

Salmonella Dublin at the Rayner Dairy Facility—Jay Olyniuk

More Than Just Emerging: Prevalence of Salmonella Dublin in BC Dairy Herds. An overview of the findings of the BC Salmonella Dublin Investigation and Management Program (SDIMP)—Dr. Ellen Boyd

Salmonella Dublin:  A Really Good Reason to Practice Biosecurity—Dr. John Dick

This event was the first of hopefully many collaborative events under BC Dairy’s new event partnership program. We know that hearing straight from experts is the best way to encourage event attendance and information uptake. The new event partnership funding opportunity is open to industry experts, suppliers, and academics – up to a maximum of $5000 on knowledge transfer events on mutually relevant topics that meet the event criteria.

To learn more about the BC Dairy event partnership opportunity, please visit bcdairy.ca/research-education-funding/ and click on the link to Educational Event Funding. Email innovation@bcdairy.ca with any questions.

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