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Prepare an International Milk Products Buffet

Several recipes to create a buffet featuring dairy products from several regions of the world.




       Create a map of the world with pins marking the countries your buffet highlights. Choose from among the recipes below.


      Region (country)
      Renu’s Raita Dip South Asia (India)
      Lassi (savourysweet or apricot) South Asia (India)
      Judy’s Almond Jelly Asia (Hong Kong)
      Borani Esfanaj (Persian spinach salad)  Middle East (Iran)
      Euthalia’s Arroz Doce South America (Chile)
      Canadiana Cheddar Cheese Soup North America (Canada)
      New England Clam Chowder North America (US)
      Conchigila con Formaggio Europe (Italy)
      Tiramisu Europe (Italy)
      Easy Calzone Fusion (Italy, Mexico, Canada)