Drinks & Smoothies

Feel Good Avocado Shake

Avocados whirled with good-for-you bananas and milk, capped off with lime juice and vanilla for this creamy shake.

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White bowl of pasta prima vera

Pasta Primavera

This pasta dish brings together a mixture of fresh greens such as asparagus and baby spinach with a simple cream sauce.

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Tips and tricks
November 27, 2016

What Type of Cream Should I Use?

We break down the types of cream available in Canada, and explain which type to use in recipes. How to use cream in recipes Uh oh. Your recipe calls for heavy cream and you’re not sure—is that the same as whipping cream? Cream is generally categorized based on the percentage of milk fat (MF) it […]

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This easy, homemade chai has the perfect blend of spices to bring comfort into your day.

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Milk and cream
February 9, 2010

Tips for making whipped cream

Making whipped cream at home is easy when you know these simple tips. Learn which type of cream is best for whipping, and how to get perfect, delicious whipped cream every time. The key to whipping cream successfully is to start with the right kind of cream—whipping cream, which contains about 33%-35% milk fat. (Cereal […]

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