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In 2003, we began our award-winning “heads on feet” campaign, to get the attention of our target audience. From the beginning, we appreciated the necessity of breaking through the clutter of not only their daily lives – this busy age group carries day-timers crammed with school projects, sports events, music practices and shopping dates—but also the estimated 3,000 media messages that are directed to them every day. Once we got their attention, we wanted to capture their interest and then shift their attitude positively towards milk, leading to increased consumption. Research has shown that we succeeded in getting milk noticed by 16-24 year olds, and that this group is feeling positive about milk’s ability to make them feel energized, redeemed and ready for whatever life might bring their way.

This campaign met the objective of breaking through the clutter for youth advertising to shift attitudes towards milk. The campaign not only won a bronze Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival but also a gold award for best advertising campaign at the International Dairy Federation.

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  • Ditto Diana.  They are cute, raw and creative.  Love them and their creator to bits.

  • I just want to say I love your dinosaur, caveman commercials! Thay are the best!! Keep them going!!

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