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CQM is an on-farm food safety program designed to help producers prevent, monitor and reduce food safety risks on their farms. The CQM program is based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The program takes a preventative approach to food safety that focuses on preventing and minimizing the risk of food safety hazards on the farm.

In addition to the CQM program farmers, processors and retailers adhere to very rigorous regulations to ensure consumers receive the highest quality of milk possible. Dairy farms are submitted to licensing and inspections before they can produce and milk. The use of growth hormones (BST or rBGH) is not legal in Canada and therefore not permitted or used in dairy production. All processing plants are inspected regularly for cleanliness, handling procedures and equipment standards. Quality checks are conducted at every grocery store in BC and dairy products that are not sold by their best before date are removed from site.  For more information on extensive quality checks and testing unique to the dairy industry to ensure that BC consumers can always purchase high quality, safe and nutritious dairy products please take a look at our Importance of Quality Milk brochure.

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