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Cooking at home doesn’t mean never using convenience foods. In fact, healthier versions of convenience foods can be time savers when it comes to getting healthy meals on the table. Next time you’re shopping, look for these nutritious options: 

Pre-cut butternut squash

Simmer in broth to make a nutritious soup in minutes. 

Ready-to-go stir-fry vegetables

For a quick meal, just add tofu, cashews, or leftover chicken or beef, and you’re ready to go! 

Crushed tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and pre-cut peppers

Combine these veggies for a fast pasta sauce. 

Pre-made salads

For a simple, light lunch or dinner, just sprinkle with almonds and serve with whole grain bread. 

Canned puréed sweet potato or pumpkin

Mix into muffin batter to make mini muffins for a tasty snack or a yummy pumpkin bread.  

Frozen fruit

Whirl together in a blender with milk and yogurt for an energizing smoothie. 

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