What’s in Season: Early Summer Edition (June)

Early summer months in BC have a plentiful selection of locally grown foods. We can’t get enough of these seasonal treats and savour them as they’re in abundance! Here’s a great list of in-season products and suggested recipes to try at home or to take to a summer party. Don’t forget that products such as dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), meats (chicken, beef, eggs), and greenhouse vegetables (look for Product of BC stickers) are available all year-round!

This June, look for the following foods at your local farmers’ market or grocery store:

Beans Blueberries Bay Leaves Clams Cheese (Guide)
Cauliflower Boysenberries Chives Herring Roe Cream (Tips)
Endives Cherries Mint Prawns (Spot) Ice Cream
Kale Gooseberries Oregano Sardines Milk
Rhubarb Strawberries Rosemary Tuna (Albacore) Yogurt

Stay up to date with What’s In Season by visiting We ♥︎ Local and try the recipes made with local BC ingredients!

Visit our DIY recipe section of the website to learn how to make your own dairy products at home. Here are a few simple recipes:

Make your own yogurt | BC Dairy Make your own yogurt
Make your own paneer cheese | BC Dairy Make your own paneer
Make your own Creme Fraiche | BC Dairy Make your own crème fraîche
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